Managed Cloud Servers -

Get the fastest server technology for your site now.

These cloud virtual servers with Solid State Drives are instantly upgradeable and scalable for your most demanding sites.

Plan vCPU Memory SSD Storage Bandwidth Price
Virtual Processors Dedicated Ram Solid State Drive Dedicated Bandwidth

Cloud 0

1 vCPU

512 MB

15 GB

1000 GB

a month
Order Cloud 0

Cloud 1

1 vCPU

1 GB

25 GB

2000 GB

a month
Order Cloud 1

Cloud 2

2 vCPU

2 GB

50 GB

3000 GB

a month
Order Cloud 2

Cloud 3

2 vCPU

3 GB

75 GB

3000 GB

a month
Order Cloud 3

Cloud 4

2 vCPU

4 GB

100 GB

4000 GB

a month
Order Cloud 4

Cloud 5

4 vCPU

8 GB

200 GB

5000 GB

a month
Order Cloud 5

Cloud 6

8 vCPU

16 GB

400 GB

6000 GB

a month
Order Cloud 6

Unlimited Sites

Host Unlimited sites with any hosting plan with us. Starting at just $5.00 for a 5GB plan you can start here and grow your plan with your business.

Fast Solid State Drives

The fastest storage technology today. FIVE times faster than SATA drives. This means your pages load faster and your database queries execute faster. Every time.

Domain Registrations

You need a domain and we have great prices. $15 a year for .com and other top TLDs plus we provide a free domain in most hosting plans.

Multiple Datacenters

Host at multiple Tier 1 datacenters in the US, Europe or around the world you can be close to your market and load faster than your competitors.
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