Faster sites. More Secure.

We have partnered with Cloud Flare to bring their global Content Distribution Network and powerful Web Application Firewall to truly enhance and protect your website at a great price.

All plans with Global designation will be onboarded to the CDN network. It works with your normal hosting there is nothing you need to do. We point your domain to the Cloud Flare name servers and they route all traffic through their firewall and CDN network then to our data center.  All your HTML, CSS, Java Script and Images will be cached and served from the closest point to your visitor. That combined with our Multiple Data center locations means you get super fast load times to your local and global users.

Web Application Firewall stops hacking in it’s tracts. Stops SQL injections, Cross Site Scripting attempts and more. Also cloudflares maintains a massive database of bad IP and learns from your traffic and the traffic of millions of sites every day. Nothing reduces post spam and stops threats as effectively for the price than Cloud flare.

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Browse our Global Hosting Plans starting at $50.00 a month, choose from shared hosting to VPS to dedicated, all accelerated and protected by cloudflare.

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